Micro Water Shed Program

Project Name:

Micro Water shade Program

Approx. Value of the Contract (in INR) :

60 Lacs

Country: India

Location within Country: 02 Villages of Block – Kotra, District – Udaipur, State – Rajasthan

Duration of Project (Months)

60 Months

Name of Funding Agency:

Tribal Area Development Department

Total No. of Staff of the Project:

01 Coordinator and 02 Community Workers. Technical Staff & Engineer whenever required basis

Address: Commissioner, Tribal Area Development Department, Udaipur Approx value of ther services provided by your firm under the contract (in INR):

10.23 Lacs

Start Date (Month/Year): April 2006

Completion Date (Month/Year): cont. till 2010-11

No. of professional staff-months provided by associated NGOs: NA
Name of associated NGOs, if any: No Name of Project Director/Coordinator:

Mrs. Lalita Bhandari – Project Incharge

Narrative description of Project:

Water shade is a community based program that is organized in a specially earmarked area with a defined time frame. It is a enhance livelihood of rural community and minimize the impact of drought in area. It is also a integrated development of the village. The main area of this watershed is water, food and fodder security, employment generation in the area. This watershed is in Kotra block and it is under tribal sub plan area of Rajasthan. This project is sponsored by TADD Udaipur. It is for 5 years which started since 2006-07 and completed in 2010-11. In this project two water shades are proposed and each water shade is covering 500 hector areas. The overall strategy is to improve resource management to increase productivity of the per unit water and per unit piece of land for poor families. It will be achieve to increase additional area and increase production.

The following services were provided by the staff:

  • Awareness about water shade through Kala Jatha, Wall painting and pamphlets.
  • Organize committees and user group in the area. Formation of SHG, VDC, WC, UG
  • Training of various committees and groups by experts.
  • Physical work done by the community workers facilitates the program.
  • Drainage Line treatment – CCT, Gully Plug, LBCD
  • Non arable land treatment: A forestation plantation, digging of pits, fencing etc.
  • Arable land treatment: Low cost water harvesting structures. Construction of earthen farm bunding.
  • Farm production work: Horticulture plantation. Animal Husbandry. Vermi Compost. Crop Demonstration.
Strategy and approach
Kalyani always believe in the “God helps those who help themselves and thus replicate the same, Kalyani acts as a catalyst motivate the people and ensure people participations by involving in the process of planning, implementation, and monitoring the program.
Ultimately “Of the people, for the people, by the people, and remain for the people”. Participatory and people centred is the mantra to empower the underprivileged community.